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Slide CFBI Youth programs Online Tutoring. Free! Yes, Free. Tutoring for 3rd - 12th Grade. Slide COVID 19 TUTORING RELIEF Explore Free Tutoring for 3rd-12th grade. With no costs associated, this is just the relief that is needed during these challenging times.
online tutoring for those impacted during covid 19

Youth Academic and Enrichment Support Program

Research regarding online learning and teaching shows its effectiveness only if students have consistent access to the internet and computers and if teachers have received targeted training and supports for online instruction. Because these requirements for effectiveness have been largely absent for many in Miami-Dade County—especially in predominately Black communities, remote education during the pandemic has impeded both teaching and learning. For over six (6) years, The Center for Black Innovation (CFBI)—Code Fever Miami youth programming has refined the practice of effective remote learning within South Florida’s minority youth population. Our Covid-19 Family First Education and STEM Initiative (CFESI) is designed to assist youth and their families in mitigating the impact of Covid-19 by way of our Covid-19 Academic Support Program focused on tutoring and academic support services at the intersection of digital and socially distant learning for middle and high school students. Elementary aged youth can also receive services if parents are present during tutoring sessions.

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